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  • Half Ball Lens

Half Ball Lens

Half ball lens are mostly used for Optical measure system, Imaging system, projection system. endoscope nd so on. Sunday produce half ball lens diameter range from 0.6mm to 200mm.

Product Details

Ball lens is used to improve the signal coupling between optical fiber, transmitter and detector, improve the signal quality, and can also be used in endoscopy, bar code scanning, aspherical lens preprocessed materials, sensors, etc. The ball lens has a short focal length, which minimizes the distance needed to travel from the ball lens to the fiber. Ball lens commonly used in the optical fiber coupling, laser collimating device, Optical Measurement System, it has a shorter focal length and the characteristics of small size. Sunday produce ball lens, half ball lens, Super hemisphere ball lens, hollow ball lens.Sunday Optics can manufacture ball lens Minumum diameter 0.3mm.


Diameter0.3mm -200mmHalf Ball Lens
Diameter Tol.+/-0.003
MaterialBK7 Fused Silica, sapphire, CaF2, ZnSe. Ruby.
Surface Quality40-20 standard
CoatingAR Coating 
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