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Dome Lens

Optical dome is a lens with two concentric spheres, similar to a curved plane window. So It is important to do better for dome lens concentricity. the dome lens is widely used fo rDetector, optical sensor and so on. Sunday Optics offer H-K9L,JGS1,Sapphire,Optical glass dome lens with AR Coating.

Product Details

Optical dome is a lens with two concentric sphere, They are mainly used for Bathyscaphe, Radiometer, Underwater Robot, Submarine.,Camera Image. In an ideal dome, the convex radius equals the sum of the dome thickness and the concave radius, resulting in a naturally strong shape that becomes harder under pressure.This makes the dome ideal for underwater environments and applications such as camera dome ports and dive Windows.Sunday Optics is the mainly manufacture of optical glass dome lens, and also own the advance machine and test equipment.


MaterialH-K9L, JGS1, Sapphire
Diameters Available8-400mm
Diameter Tolerance+0.00/-0.05mm or customer design
Surface Quality60-40
Surface Irregularityλ/4 @632.8nm or customer design
Thickness tolerance+/-0.05mm
Clear Aperture>90% of Diameter
Chamfer0.05-0.5mmx45degree, according to customer's needs.
CoatingBBAR 400-700nm

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