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  • JGS1 Plano Concave Lens

  • JGS1 Plano Concave Lens

JGS1 Plano Concave Lens

Plano concave lenses are mainly used for infinite conjugate applications, laser applications, image systems. with the negative focal length, plano concave lenses have a flat face and an concave face.

Product Details

A plano-concave lens is machined from a plane and a concave sphere.It has a negative focal length, which makes it widely used.In optical system, it is used for beam expansion, projection ray and extension of optical system focal length.Plane-concave lenses can diverge a collimating beam into a virtual focus and are commonly used in Galilean beam extenders. Plane-concave lenses have negative focal length and negative spherical aberration and can be used to offset the aberration of other lenses in the system.UV-fused Silica (JGS1) has high transmissivity from the UV to the near-infrared (185-2100nm) and high transmissivity in the deep UV region. In addition, compared with H-K9L (N-BK7), it has better uniformity and lower thermalexpansion coefficient, especially suitable for high power laser applications in the ULTRAVIOLET to near infrared band.

Sunday Optical Plano convex lens diameter range from 0.35mm to 600mm, Material can be optical glass, Quartz, Sapphire, CaF2, MgF2, Infrared glass such as ZnSe, CaF2, Ge, Si.

Plano Concave Lens


Structure: Plano Concave Lens

Material: Optical Glass,BK7,H-K9L,UVFS,Germanium,Silicon,CaF2,MgF2,ZnSe,ZnS,Sapphire.



Surface Quality:10-5

Surface Irregulatiry:λ/10 @632.8nm or customer design

Thickness tolerance:+0/-0.02mm

Clear Aperture>90% of diameter


Centeration<30 arcsec

Coating:Single Mag2, Multiple Layers AR Coating
             A: 350-650nm
             B: 650-1050nm
             C: 1050-1585nm
             D: Customer Design

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