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  • Narrow Bandpass Filter

Narrow Bandpass Filter

Narrow bandpass filter allow small light through, the narrower ,the more pure of the light.Sunday is producing standars narrow bandpass filter

Product Details

The film of narrowband filter is generally composed of two kinds of films with low refractive index and high refractive index. After superposition, the number of layers can reach dozens of layers. The parameters of each layer of film may affect the final performance.

The transmittance of narrowband filter is very sensitive to the loss of thin film, so the production process is relatively high.The narrowband filters are mainly used in the applications of medical biochemical instrument, ELIASA, pesticide residue detection, water quality analysis system and variety of detecting instruments.


High wavelength positioning accuracy

Hard and firm coating film

Good heat resistance and moisture resistance

Long service life(over 5 years under general condition)

Modules or Types

CWL(nm)FWHM(nm)Tmax(%)Blocking Wavelength RangeBlockingSize
29512+/-2nmT≥20%200-2000nmOD5(0.001%)φ10 φ12 φ15 up to 50mm
4208+/-2nmT≥45%200-1100nmOD5(0.001%)φ10 φ12 φ15 up to 50mm
4658+/-2nmT≥45%200-1100nmOD5(0.001%)φ10 φ12 φ15 up to 50mm
5108+/-2nmT≥45%200-1100nmOD5(0.001%)φ10 φ12 φ15 up to 80mm
5258+/-2nmT≥45%200-1100nmOD5(0.001%)φ10 φ12 φ15 up to 80mm
5628+/-2nmT≥45%200-1100nmOD5(0.001%)φ10 φ12 φ15 up to 80mm
5898+/-2nmT≥45%200-1100nmOD5(0.001%)φ10 φ12 φ15 up to 80mm
6058+/-2nmT≥45%200-1100nmOD5(0.001%)φ10 φ12 φ15 up to 80mm
6208+/-2nmT≥45%200-1100nmOD6φ10 φ12 φ15 
6258+/-2nmT≥45%200-1100nmOD5(0.001%)φ10 φ12 φ15 up to 80mm
73010+/-2nmT≥80%200-1100nmOD5(0.001%)φ10 φ12 φ15 up to 50mm
87030+/-2nmT≥85%200-1200nmOD5φ10 φ12
91530+/-2nmT≥85%200-1200nmOD5φ10 φ12

Manufacture Specifications

Diameter2mm to 200mm
Diameter Tolerance+0.00/-0.1 or customer size
MaterialN-BK7,H-K9L,Sapphire,Fused Silica(JGS1),Caf2,ZnSe,Si,Ge,etc.
Surface Quality80-50 to 10/5
Flatness1/4 lambda
Thickness Tolerance+0.00/-0.05mm
Standard wavelength270nm,311、360、380、473、532、650、780、808、850、904、940、1064 and 1900nm.
FWHM5nm to 50nm
Transmission60% to 99%
Average blockingOD6

Sample Curves-540nm

Narrow Bandpass Filter

Notes: for more curves, please contact us.

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