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  • Optical 600mm Glass Window

  • Optical 600mm Glass Window

Optical 600mm Glass Window

Sunday Optics offer 600mm size window with full CA test by 24 inches Zygo Interferometer

Product Details

The Standard Window Glass is N-BK7 or Fused Silica, but when manufacture,Fused Silica is more easy to keep its flatness stability. UV Fused Silica is better for UV wavelength, high power laser, the UV tranmission can be 185nm.

BK7 Glass is aways used for visible light and near infrared, it is more economy and used for low laser as a protect window.Sunday Optics advantange is:  within 600mm windows, we can offer full CA test reports, 1/10 lambda at 600mm is achieved.


MaterialBK7 K9 Fused Silica, Corning Fused Silica
Size1mm to 800mm
Parallisam<2 ARC SEC
Surface Quality10-5
Surface Flatness1/10 lambda@633nm  600mm CA
CoatingAR  BBAR Dielectric Coating

600mm High Precision Window JGS1 K9 Glass

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