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Besides temperature measurement, infrared thermal imaging technology has other applications

Jun. 26, 2020

The spread of the epidemic across the country has led to a significant increase in the market for infrared thermoimage-related security equipment.Widely used in airports, railway stations, passenger stations and other crowded places.Through infrared thermal imaging and temperature measurement technology, the past population temperature screening, and further strengthen the security work, so as to effectively control the epidemic, prevent the rapid spread of the epidemic, and ensure the safety of regional personnel.

Compared with handheld thermometers, infrared thermal imagers have many advantages:

First, non-contact temperature measurement, through the thermal imaging device to observe the crowd, can directly measure the body temperature of the forehead and other exposed parts of the human body, to avoid direct contact between medical staff and patients;

Second, the temperature measurement accuracy is high, infrared medical thermal imaging instrument temperature measurement accuracy up to ±0.5℃.There are also many companies to measure the temperature accuracy of ±0.3℃ and ±0.2℃ infrared temperature measuring equipment.

In addition, infrared thermal imaging is not affected by weather and lighting conditions. Therefore, in addition to temperature screening, it can be widely used in security monitoring, fire alarm, outdoor search and rescue and other aspects.

1. In the night and low illumination environment, the equipment supplemented by active light source is often used for traditional monitoring to achieve the monitoring effect.

The infrared thermal imaging device is a passive imaging device, which can accurately image without any light source irradiation. It can not be affected by the light and improve the attack intensity of security monitoring at night.Because the infrared wavelength is long, so has the "through smoke through fog" characteristic.Infrared thermal imager can better realize the monitoring and identification under the bad environment, and can realize the network, remote monitoring, 24-hour all-weather monitoring.

In addition, the product can provide high contrast image, improve the reliability of video analysis.The infrared security monitoring system can realize intelligent automatic analysis, and the visible light monitoring intelligent analysis function can be used in the infrared thermography video.

2. Fire prevention and alarm and outdoor search and rescue

When a fire is put out, it is easy to revive and reignite. The thermal imager can display the temperature field of the object. By monitoring the temperature field, the temperature anomaly can be found immediately to prevent the secondary fire caused by temperature anomaly.

Outdoor search and rescue remote detection and search for trapped people, thermal imaging within a few kilometers, can be very easy to find trapped people, fell into the deep ditch cliff accident vehicles.

In addition, drones equipped with video and infrared thermography can also perform effective search and rescue missions in accidents such as fires.

3. Early warning and monitoring of DAMS, lakes and mountains

Infrared thermal imager can realize all-weather monitoring of the situation of the reservoir dam under severe weather such as rain, snow, smoke, fog and haze, monitor the leakage point, monitor the cracking and collapse, and monitor the size of the water flow.Since the water

temperature is lower than the ambient temperature, and the emissivity of the water is different from that of the surrounding objects, the water can be resolved even at the same temperature.Landslides can also be monitored from a distance and given early warning.

Compared with the SARS period in 2003, the core components of infrared thermography were all imported. In this epidemic, China has basically realized self-sufficiency, making great contributions to the screening of people flow and the prevention and control of the epidemic.In the future, under the premise of full development of its related applications, the market potential of infrared thermal imaging technology still needs to be explored.

Besides temperature measurement, infrared thermal imaging technology has other applications

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