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Meniscus Cylindrical Lens

Meniscus cylindrical lens is a lens that one surface is convex shape, another surface is concave with cylindrical shape

Meniscus Cylindrical Lens can increase the NA of the system while only adding slightly to the total spherical aberrations

Product Details

Cylindrical lenses are generally used to focus incoming light onto a line or to change the aspect ratio of an image.They are usually linear and control the direction of the light beam.A cylindrical lens has a cylindrical surface that enables incident light to focus on a dimension and stretch the image. The focal length of the cylindrical mirror can be negative or positive and is suitable for laser line generation or deformation beam shaping to cyclize the laser output.Cylindrical lens compared with general spherical lens, cylindrical lens production will be difficult, to reasonable selection of materials, pay attention to the texture of the material, bubbles, impurities, uniformity and other characteristics, pay attention to the product specifications and quality control, such as scratches, dents, luster, high quality grinding technology.

Meniscus cylindrical lens is concave on one side and convex on the other, and its function is to converge or diverge light beams into a plane, the light beam does not work in the vertical plane.Meniscus cylindrical can convert transmitted plane waves into cylindrical waves or convert cylindrical waves into plane waves or spherical waves. This lens can correct visual aberration.Moreover, the edge thickness is larger than the center thickness, which can reduce the spherical aberration to a limit.Commonly used to combine with another lens to form an optical system to reduce the numerical aperture, it is a common element in beam expanding applications.


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