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CaF2 Spherical Lens

Calcium fluoride has a high transmittance from ultraviolet to mid-infrared (250nm~7um), so it is widely used in the manufacture of prisms, Windows and lenses, In some applications with a wide spectrum range, it can be used directly without coating film, Especially

Product Details

Calcium fluoride crystals with high hardness, strong mechanical shock and thermal shock resistance, wide scope of pervious to light (190 nm to 10000 nm), in the ultraviolet, visible and infrared wavelengths with good transmittance, so they are widely used in laser and infrared optical, ultraviolet, and other fields, the concrete can be used as a testing instrument, laser power infrared Windows, gas liquid system, imaging system, etc.

In some applications with wider spectral range, it can be directly used without coating, especially its small absorption and high laser threshold, which is very suitable for application in excimer laser optical system.Our company produces calcium fluoride (CaF2) lens or window, the diameter range is: 5~150mm, the surface accuracy is usually up to 40/20, the surface flatness can be up to: λ/10@633nm (the ratio of lens thickness to diameter should conform to the processing proportion)


Diameter5mm to 150mm
Diameter Tol.+0.00/-0.05mm
Surface Quality40-20 standard
Flatness1/10 lambda@633nm
Focal Length Tol.+/-1%
CoatingCustomer design

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